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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mack's First Trip To The Zoo

My mom called and said they were headed to the Zoo and asked if we wanted to go. I had been wanting to take Mack and happened to have the day off so we packed up the stroller, grabbed Allison and Eva and headed up to Salt Lake. Mack managed to stay awake a whopping thirty minutes before he fell asleep. He was out cold till we left, but I was able to snap a few pictures before he zonked. 

looking at the monkeys with grandpa


Eva and Mack are best little friends, Eva was so cute and kept hugging and trying to kiss Mack. 

Boys, Boys, Boys,

Everyone is having boys...and it is so fun! Mack has two little cousins just six months younger than him that are boys! They're going to be best buds when they get older! We thought we'd snap a few pictures of them since everyone was in town. 

Apple Pickin'

Grandpa needed some helpers to pick some apples and there just happened to be a few of us around!

While Steve's Away, Lauren will....Blog!

Here I am sitting in our apartment, Mack is asleep, Steve's in Des Moine for an interview, and I can't sleep! What better time to blog, right? So in my last post I said I wanted to blog at least once a week. Who am I kidding!?  I knew that wasn't going to happen the moment I wrote that. Once a month is more like it! That sounds more doable. 

So here's what's happened in the past month. Pat (my mother-in-law) finally got home from Japan! She was there for six plus weeks helping Steve's sister, Wendi. She just had a new baby and her husband got deployed two weeks after! Talk about an amazing woman! Wendi also has a two year old little girl and so Pat was able to fly out and spend some time with them. A couple of days before Pat came home she told us Wendi, Zoe, and little Gus were coming back to the states too! It was a great surprise! And to top it all off Steve's two older brother's that live out of state came into town as well. It was a party! 
We ended up all heading down to St. George for a couple of days. It was so nice to catch up and have family around!

Dee had a great idea to take the kids to this shallow spot in the river that was next to a golf course. The kids were finding golf balls in the water left and right and having a blast! It was a race to see who could find the most.

So Dee took Mack for me while I was snapping a few pictures, and when I turned around Mack's pants were off and Dee had him in the water. He was splashing like crazy and loving life! No wonder he loves Grandpa so much. We ended up just stripping him down and let him have at it!

 Getting in the tub after the river. It was Mack's first time bathing with the cousins!

Another fun thing I've been up to this  month is getting together once a week with my friends and their cute baby boys! We all had little boys within nine months of each other and it's been a blast getting together! There's just something about getting out of the house and having great friends to get together with. I look forward to it each week. 
Here are some pictures of our get together at the park

(left to right and oldest to youngest) Boston, Jameson, Mack, Bennett, Haze, and Madsen